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The all natural & organic enhancer for your chew tobacco!
We make sure you get "OVER" 1 oz. of Punk Ash in every bag!!!
Everyone of our bags contains "OVER" 1 oz. of the very best and cleanest hand
picked punk available. Perfect for your Iq'mik, Blackbull or Araq. All of our punk is
cleaned of all moss and bark, dried for 3 weeks,  then burned down in a stainless
steel container for the purest punk ash money can buy!

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$20 per oz.
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Native Alaskans have been using punk ash for over a hundred years to intensify  the effects
of chew / dip tobacco. It's called Iq'mik or Blackbull when mixed!!!

Punk ash is mixed with long cut tobacco and chew dip like copenhagen, the mixture is
dependent upon the users tolerance. It can have quite a strong effect the first time it is used,
so moderation is required until a tolerance is built up.

Its effects have been compared to the sensation a smoker gets on their first cigarette after
they have quit smoking for a long time or that first dip of chew you ever took.

Punk ash and tobacco are commonly mixed either in the chew can or in a ziploc bag with a
little added water and allowed to absorb for a period of time. ie, 2-3 days...

Apparently, the Punk ash effects the Alkalinity of the nicotine allowing it to be readily and
rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream increasing the “nic hit” one receives. The effect is
noticeably quicker and stronger than standard chew.

As seen on the National Geographic Alaska State Trooper show! (Grizzly episode)
Chewing Tobacco + Alaskan Punk Ash    
Equals = Eskimo Cocaine!
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